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Get to know The FriendShip: RockTheJake

2013-06-09 01:07:12 by TheFriendShip

Heya, everyone! As the title above states, this is RockTheJake typing this up right now. Since The FriendShip is a collaborative project, I figured it'd be a good idea to let people get acquainted with the two pals who make up the ship. Dave (X3) will write his own post, but for now, you're stuck with me. I apologize in advance.

While both Dave and I are co-creators of the FriendShip (and as far as I'm concerned, equal partners and BROS), the idea to work together originally came from me one night in November of 2012. I was having a sucky night at work and texted Dave saying "Hey man. Wanna make a youtube channel and make all the monies?" Originally just a joking, stress-relieving text, we talked more about the concept and agreed to actually go for it. Fast forward to pretty much a half a year later and now we're doing pretty darn good for ourselves, if I do say so. It's been a great time making shorts and animations. (By the way, our youtube channel has live action shorts that you should totally go see, yo. That's my forte. ;) )

Before I say anything else, I gotta say I've been super happy and honored to work with Dave on this. He's been a good friend to me for a long time and he's a fantastic artist. We work well together and he challenges me all the time to be better and do better.

So, as far as my roles on the ship. Primarily, I am head writer for animations and shorts. After that, I compose what music I can and I also voice act. I also search for any voice actors and music that is needed here and there. Sometimes I have some visual artistic input for the shorts as well. When it comes to live action shorts, I do the editing for those. (For those curious, I use a Canon Rebel T3i to film and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5 for editing.)

I probably forgot something there, but oohh wweelll. As far as off time, I like practicing on my drum set and learning new stuff to play. I, of course, enjoy video gaming (as of this post, I'm playing Just Cause 2 on the PS3). I also like going to the movies a lot and tweeting my opinions of said movies (@rockthejake). I also have my own youtube channel that I make content for which is pretty much always fun to do (http://www.youtube.com/user/Tokugoru).

As far as my own future goals, I want FriendShip to get even bigger and hopefully entertain more people. I hope to get my youtube channel bigger for the same reason. I'd also like to one day get into live sporting or talk show camerawork and/or editing. But for now, I'm happy with where I am and I'm looking forward to what's coming.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you all enjoy the stuff we've got planned at this point in time and remember: if you like what we make, share it out with others! Thank you! :)


(P.S. In case you didn't guess, I'm the one with the green shirt and mouthbeard.)

Get to know The FriendShip: RockTheJake


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2013-09-20 20:14:17

Oooh. Well I think you're going to have a good successful stint here muchachos.

TheFriendShip responds:

Thanks for the support! We certainly hope so! :)



2013-09-21 01:48:15

You've already got some pretty neat stuff on here, and I look forward to seeing more of it in the future! Always glad to welcome another fellow animator :)

TheFriendShip responds:

Thank you for the kind words! We're excited to unleash even more cool stuff out to the world.



2013-09-21 17:53:37

I love you.

TheFriendShip responds:

We love you too. <3


2013-09-22 15:32:44

Very nice stuff guys. Looking forward to more cool stuff :)
And watching you guys rise up in popularity.

TheFriendShip responds:

Thank you very much! Really appreciate that!